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Code Review tools

Originally posted at 1/17/2011

Occasionally I get asked what code review tools I use.

The truth is, I tend to use TortoiseGit’s Log Viewer and just read the history, but I am not leaning toward this baby:


This is really nice!


Thomas Freudenberg
01/22/2011 11:19 AM by
Thomas Freudenberg

That's my way to see how RavenDB is working. Whenever you commit something to the repository, I inspect the changes and try to understand them. This way I can see if it might break my code, and I think I learn something too. Additionally I may see an error on occasion as the one above, and a direct comment on GitHub seemed to be the most appropriate way for reporting.

01/22/2011 03:35 PM by

shouldn't the 't' be a 'w'


Frank Quednau
01/22/2011 04:19 PM by
Frank Quednau

The only thing I still need is pull requests on existing issues, then there is nothing that stops me to do the next larger project we tackle with the aid of a private repository in github :)

01/22/2011 05:36 PM by

I like to use Codebase HQ for private team based projects - http://www.codebasehq.com/ - lots of nice features although, I have not seen specific line notes like you are showing here.

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