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Executing TortoiseGit from the command line

Originally posted at 1/6/2011

I love git, but as much as I like the command line, there are some things that are ever so much simple with a UI. Most specifically, due to my long years of using TortoiseSVN, I am very much used to the way TortoiseGit is working.

I still work from the command line a lot, and I found myself wanting to execute various actions on the UI from the command line. Luckily, it is very easy to do so with TortoiseGit. I simply wrote the following script (tgit.ps1):

& "C:\Program Files\TortoiseGit\bin\TortoiseProc.exe" /command:$cmd /path:.

And now I can execute the following from the command line:

tgit log

tgit commit

And get the nice UI.

Please note that I am posting this mostly because I want to be able to look it up afterward. I am sure your git tools are superior to mine, but I like the way I am doing things, and am reluctant to change.


Ken Egozi
01/12/2011 01:25 PM by
Ken Egozi

The last paragraph is hilarious :)

that's a great tip

Daniel Grunwald
01/12/2011 02:27 PM by
Daniel Grunwald

Please note that I am posting this mostly because I want to be able to look it up afterward.

Thanks for reminding me!

I wrote a very similar script (as .bat file) in February 2010 and completely forgot to use it. (and you are wrong: no, my git tools aren't superior.)

Also, I find that Diff and Commit are the only commands for which I use TortoiseGit. For the log, I use gitk (comes with msysgit), because TortoiseGit is missing support for --date-order and --show-notes. For anything else, I simply use the command line client.

josh (@rebootd)
01/12/2011 03:51 PM by
josh (@rebootd)

Cool, nice tip. I have yet to use any git GUI tools though. Not that I'm against it, just have needed to nor made the time.

01/12/2011 06:02 PM by

Ayende, is the directory "C:\Program Files\TortoiseGit\bin\" in your %path%? TortoiseGit already has a tgit.exe wrapper in that location.

Ayende Rahien
01/13/2011 08:57 AM by
Ayende Rahien


Yes, it is.

This script if before the tgit.exe directory in the path

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