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The other side of chasing the money

When I started doing my own consulting, I realized that sometimes I would have to chase after a client in order to get paid. Luckily, it hasn’t happened often.

I did not expect the reverse to happen, but it did. I just had to send the following formal notice to someone who does work for me:

Hi guys!
I am pretty sure that I owe you money. Would you mind terribly if I paid you?

And yes, this post is here to serve as a kick to the people in question.


Christopher Bennage
10/11/2010 01:18 PM by
Christopher Bennage

I just can't believe that such a thing would happen!

10/11/2010 09:56 PM by

It's usually the same guys who forget to pay... They just have a lot on their mind. I'm sometimes like that, which is why I always try to pay up front or arrange some way for payments to go though without me actually doing anything - so I won't forget.

Thankfully, I don't charge many people money.

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