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New RavenDB features

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image Well, to be frank, some of those features aren’t actually new, but I only now got around to properly document them. I am rapidly coming to the realization that if it isn’t document, it doesn’t exists. (Especially true when you consider people browsing the documentation to see what you can do, as part of initial evaluation.)

The really fun part is that by the time that this post will go live, I hope to have another list, just as large, of cool features which were implemented (and documented).



Seems that you're getting deeper and deeper into 'how-to-sell-my-product' world ;-)


Thanks for additional documentation articles! You are right about that if it isn’t documented, it doesn’t exists.


I finished a project just a few weeks ago that seriously could have used a good document database like raven DB. Unfortunately, when I started the project, I didn't know (or rather, didn't understand) the concept. So i wasted months building something similar (but much less powerful) on top of an RDBMS....bah!

Bruno Martinez

Are spatial indexes also implemented with Esent, or did you write a custom R-Tree?

Ayende Rahien


They are implemented using Spatial.Net inside Lucene.

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