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You lucky bastard!


I think you need to fix one of the Brisbane dates, unless you are revealing the secret as to why you are so productive...there are two of you!

While in Brisbane, do yourself a favor and head down to Surfers and Byron Bay for a few days.


Where is Sydney???

Michael cindric

You have to give a talk in Sydney it's the largest pool of devs

Steven Nagy

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane.

BTW Brisbane devs are smarter than all other states ;)



I wanted to go but theres no Sydney course, and 1 day isn't justified a plane ticket.

Al B

What level of dev will your Nhibernate workshop target?

Will it be purely for devs new to NH or will it be more targeted towards people who have experience developing with NH?

Ayende Rahien

It is going to be high intermediate to advanced.



Ahh I see, I can't justify it tho. I only wanted to go to Ayende's NHibernate one and thats it.

Ah well maybe next time... maybe if he comes to Australia again he will do something in Sydney.


So is INDIA on your list ? I would definitely want to join one of those courses.

Ayende Rahien


If I can find enough people for the course, probably

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