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Lessons learned from building NHibernate Profiler – 24th Feb, London

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Along with the NHibernate course that I’ll be giving in London next month, I’ll be doing a free session about lessons learned from building the NHibernate Profiler.

I am going to talk about architecture, internal design (including showing off the code), distributed team, release per commit, making technical decisions based on business concerns, building real world application infrastructure, etc.

This is a free event, but the number of places is limited, so please register in advance.


João Paulo Marques

I would love to show up but unfortunately i live in Portugal and cannot be there. Would you record the session for those who could not attend?

Jon Sagara


I, too, would love to see this session, but live in the states. Is there any chance you can record it?




I am in the same situation as Joao, do you think you can record the session, as I would be very interested in this.

Cassio Tavares

Portugal? You're so close, I am in Brazil. :)

I would like to be there too.

Hey Ayende, can you make a video (big size :)) for us?

Ajai Shankar

Record and share it please Ayende!


Same here, it would be great!



I'm out of town on Wednesdays...

Can't you do it a day later? :P

Ayende Rahien


No, but I am still around town the next day, we can meet for a drink

Demis Bellot

Hey Oren,

This sounds good, looking forward to it!

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