Ayende @ Rahien

It's a girl

I know I broke the build, but that is no reason to be rude

Sometimes I think that Git is too smart.



12/14/2009 03:23 PM by

"Ebaaad" sounds like a russian curse

Dmitriy Nagirnyak
12/21/2009 03:23 AM by
Dmitriy Nagirnyak

If Git expresses "ebaaad" in Russian it is pretty rude :)

which is kind of "f..k" aloud into the face of the person who did that :)

Anyway, what exactly "ebaaad" is meant to be here?

Maksym Trushyn
12/28/2009 06:21 PM by
Maksym Trushyn

Cursing is the first thing AI suppose to do.

Test passed!

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