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What should I talk about at QCon London?

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I might be speaking at QCon London, but I am not sure what about.

The requirements are:

This track intends to showcase some of the practitioners, tools and technologies to provide an awareness of something other than the Microsoft mantra for software development on .NET

Each talk should show at least one thing that is new or unusual for the masses on .NET to know or use and compare it to the status quo. It should provide some in depth examples or code around that comparison. In the cases where the speaker is the author of an OSS product also give a broader rationale and explanation of the tool and when it is best used.

My main issue is that there are too many topics to talk about, and I thought that I might put it on the blog and see what people are interested in.



Talk about Rhino service bus or other message bus for .Net. This subject is totally ignored by Microsoft.

Andrew Davey

The Boo programming language.

People need to see that there are more awesome languages on the CLR outside of what Microsoft produces.


NHibernate Shards would be interesting to hear about.


Why talk at all? Why not just sit there and drive the audience crazy ;-)

Or start talking about something completely different like what happened on the way to QCon. A live blog entry..

Have fun!

Demis Bellot

I agree with Rafal,

MQ's, caching and distributed hash tables are very underrated technologies in the .NET world - most likely a result of MS not having any compelling products in those areas.


+1 on Rhino Service Bus . Its a suitable solution in many enterprise scenarios and a lot of devs would benefit from as talk from you on the subject

Mark Nijhof

Maybe talk about the different way you do testing because I understand it is different from many others?


Talk about any subject, but start from your high-level goals, e.g. "I need to release continuously" and explain the friction with the Microsoft way (e.g. merging with TFS; cost), and explain what you did to reach your goal ("I wrote my own CI server in PowerShell"). This works for almost anything.

Mike Hansford

You seem to be one of the major proponents of Boo. Your book on DSLs in Boo is good reading. So more Boo - show what you can do with it.


Another +1 on Rhino Service bus.

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