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What happened to technorati?

Recently all my technorati feeds started to give me stuff like this:


It looks like someone managed to crack the way that technorati is searching feeds, and I am getting what amounts to spammed search results. If this continues, it looks like I’ll just have to give up on it completely.

Any good alternatives?


11/08/2009 08:42 PM by

Even Ayende cannot escape Susan Boyle.

Steve Py
11/08/2009 09:57 PM by
Steve Py

Sigh 'tis the fate of anything useful.

They start off small, quietly building a following. Then they hit a critical mass and either/both:

A) Spammers see their potential worth the effort to worm their way in.

B) They sell out, and intrusive advertising worms its way in.

Enjoy it while you did, it can never go back. :)

J Healy
11/08/2009 10:06 PM by
J Healy

Roger Jennings appears to be on them about it as well...

11/08/2009 10:50 PM by

I'm getting the exact same feed items from my technorati feed. I'm guessing it's a bug or a feature change in the same way they got rid of reactions.

11/09/2009 07:39 PM by

Let us know what you find (if anything). I had to unsubscribe from my Technorati feed for the same reason.

In other news, I'm curious to find out what happened to Technorati. Their website is so slow it's unusable, and now they're not keeping up with trackback spam. All this spam has to be killing their systems with all the volume, so I wonder if anyone's paying attention over there.

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