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Core NHibernatePersistence with NHibernate – Coming to Paris

My 3 days course about NHibernate will be delivered at Paris , on 04 Nov 2009 by Sebastien Lambla.

This course is squeezing into 3 days everything that you need to go from an NHibernate newbie to a proficient craftsman.

An interesting tidbit, the last time that Sebastien gave the course, I got amazing feedback about the course.

You can register here.

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Package it and sell it.


How is it your course if Sebastien is giving it? Will you be coming to Paris at any time?

Ayende Rahien


It is my course because I wrote the content for the course.

Sebastian is giving it because I don't speak French.


Is it possible to purchase the course materials? In the current environment travelling and taking time off from day job is unfortunately a no go but we still need to learn....

Ayende Rahien


I am running a series of web cast about NHibernate on tebpub.com



Cool - was tebpub.com a typo? It doesn't seem to be available.

Ayende Rahien

Yes, typo

TekPub.com is the one I meant

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