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Life altering decisions

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I recently had the chance to reminisce, and I run into this post, this is me in 2004, talking about my logo:

ayende's logo

People frequently ask my, “Why Rhinos?”, here is the answer, from way back ago:

I thought about using some sort of a symbol to create the logo, I toyed for a while with the Windings font, but found that lacking for my purposes, then I thought about using an animal's shadow as the watermark. I thought about using some sort of dragon or a wolf, but those are really banal. I spent some time thinking about it until I finally decided to use a Rhino, I just thought about it and I think that it's cool. Beside, I don't know anyone else that uses Rhinos.

The logo and the general orange theme of the blog, were decisions that I just made, there was no deep thinking involved. My living room has a lot of orange in it right now, and I have a Rhino tattoo.

It is funny how such small a decision can have such a significant impact.

Can you imagine Wolf.Mocks?


Frank Quednau

Yes, I can. As much as I could imagine Dolphin.Mocks, Monkey.Mocks And Parrot.Mocks.

Actually I thought that you chose the Rhino for its traits: Strength, fearlessness and always finding a way.

Chris Kemp

The thing I love about Rhinos is that the disprove the famous line from any Dinosaur film: "It's OK, it's a herbivore." Yeah, climb into a pen with a Rhino and check how true that statement is. :)

Ayende Rahien


Try to get into the path of a Cape Buffalo, THAT is dangerous, and it is basically a cow.


How did you choose Ayende Rahien and what does that mean? I suppose it's not even a name, just a phrase, right, that became a name? That choice was pretty life-altering too, wasn't it?

Ruben Bartelink

R @zvolkov That's documented on this site in an interesting article, and IIRC on Oren's first DNR episode

Joe Gutierrez

LOL! Talk about bias. For some damn reason I thought you had an American accent. I've been all over the world and I know that someone from another country speaking English has an accent. It just show you how personal you're blog has become.

When people ask me about my tag name: gutzofter, I have to explain that the genesis is from when I was in the USN. It started out as goot man. then changed to goochman as I changed duty stations. So when you get a nome de guerre you get attached to it. After the Navy and the rise of the WWW i needed a handle so use as my nickname so was born gutzoft (good soft[ware]). But this still was not enough, I'm not software, but a programmer.

tada: gutzofter = good soft[ware]er

Ryan Cromwell

Come now... Dragon Mocks would have been awsome!

I will agree with Frank, Rhinos do exude a strong, calm, confident demeanor. Who's going to disagree with a Dragon, though?


Rhinos also are known for their short-sightedness :) Hope that's not the case.


Not to mention, they also charge cape fires. :)


Err, "camp" fire that is.

Alex Simkin

@Ruben Bartelink

...That's documented on this site in an interesting article...

What article? This site has no search capabilities.


You really need to show us that tattoo!

Chris Wright

I wouldn't worry ovemuch about being near rhinos. That's "back away slowly" terrritory. If you're cautious, you could probably take a few photos without endangering yourself to any great degree. I mean, one of the least friendly species is the Javan rhinocerous, and those tend to run away from humans rather than trying to attack.

I would, however, worry about hippos. That's "run for the hills" territory. Photos? Yeah, out the back window of the Range Rover.

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