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Code from Persistence.NET NHibernate Workshops

The relevant code from the live coding exercise can be found here, and it is probably going to be the basis of most of the demos that I am going to do.

Have fun playing with it…


Michel Grootjans
05/18/2009 09:20 PM by
Michel Grootjans

I was already trying to recreate the session of last week. Lets see what I got right...

Peter Morris
05/19/2009 09:43 AM by
Peter Morris

It was an excellent day, I enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for making the source available. I was trying to work out how you had a key with no property, now I see I should use "column" instead of "name" on the property.

I even see that when using guid.comb the key is set immediately after session.Save(someNewInstance). Lovely :-)

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