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Yeah it's a much different world than corporate clients that's for sure. The precautionary steps required are ten-fold in order to prevent an avalanche of false positive bug reports and associated problems.

I say, bind 'em up and lock 'em down. If your product still runs then your user will have a pleasant experience and be grateful to you, otherwise barf early and often otherwise the user will falsely cuss you like they do Microsoft.

Krzysztof Kozmic

I don't think you should do that - simply close the app without any notification for the user.

You should output a message telling a user why you are closing.

Ayende Rahien


The Assert is also responsible for alerting the user


Yip, I've done similar assertions, as well as doing permission assertions.

e.g. Try running NHProf under Intranet/Internet Zone policies.


Hmm wouldn't reflector + deblector + reflexil make it trivial to bypass this? or i'm missing something?

Ayende Rahien


Please read it.

Then guess about why I need it


Ahh nevermind i thought it was some kind of assert to "protect" your files in addition to your licensing scheme. I should go to sleep :x

Peter Morris

I wouldn't bother at all to be honest. If someone is going to delete files I would let the app crash.

Maybe the unhandled exception dialog could suggest re-installing the file and if the problem persists they should send the bug report on to you.

Ayende Rahien


You do realize how many support calls a good error can save you?

Ayende Rahien

So you realize why it is important to try to reduce them :-)

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