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Progressive .NET Tutorials 2009Skills Matter is co-organising The Progressive .NET Tutorials with some of us. This will be a really exciting 3 day long event with 2 tracks featuring half day and full day Tutorials by me, David Laribee, Gojko Adzic, Hammet, Ian Cooper, Mike Hadlow, Scott Belware and Sebastien Lambla.
For the full programme and description of the tutorials, check out: http://skillsmatter.com/event/open-source-dot-net/progressive-dot-net-exchange

If you are going to book before Feb 28th, just put SM1368-622459-33L (in the Promo Code field) and  pay just £350 (normal price £1000). I hear that the tickets are going fast, so if you would like to secure a place and claim your discount – do hurry up!

As a bonus, you can stay for the next week and enroll in the NHibernate course that I am also giving.

The last event where we did something similar was Kazien Conf, and we are going to try to reproduce the same thing in the Seattle ALT.Net conference in a week as well.

I can’t talk about what will happen next week, but the previous workshops were a tremendous success. We are going to run 12 sessions during this event, and I am finding myself in the problematic position of wanting to be in at least three places at the same time, while I can only manage two (maybe I need to let Barid out as well*).

* Bonus points for anyone who manages to track down that reference.


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...these states. Although a Bahmanī sultan still remained as a puppet ruler until at least 1538, effective control of the Bidar government passed into the hands of Qasīm Barīd’s son Amīr Barīd upon his father’s death in 1505, thus establishing what proved to be a dynastic claim for the Barīd Shāhī dynasty of Bidar.

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Oren Eini, Barid Bel Medar, Ayende Rahein:

So this explains how you get so much done: you're three people. Darn clever. Oren codes, Ayende speaks and Barid writes about Boo and Wheel of Time. Remembered enough of a story from one of the "lost in Austin" adventures to piece things together. Fun stuff.

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