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Why I wrote my own licensing component?

This is a support request that I send to a vendor of a component that I am using:


The story is so similar to mine that it is spooky.


02/05/2009 07:00 PM by

Ah great, I use Reactor too. Now I have to double check if it works on 64 bit...

Weird thing is, they claim to have 64 bit support:

.NET Reactor [] *14-Apr-2006

  • [+] Added support for multi character set(obfuscation)

  • [+] Improved internal protection

  • [+] Full Windows x64 support

  • [!] Fixed protection deadlock with some libraries

  • [!] Fixed minor bugs


Nauman Leghari
02/06/2009 05:02 PM by
Nauman Leghari

You did get the reply. I sent them an email few days ago and still waiting for a response :(. Perhaps someone needs to get up and realise this opportunity.

Have you looked at OpenLicense? http://www.spextreme.com/osp/open_license/

Although I can't get this to work properly but there is a lot of code to re-use.


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