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The worst checkout experience EVER

I swear, I was just about to back away from the entire thing.

It started with me trying to create a new account. I had to go through about seven screen to do so. Then there was the big warning about gmail accounts not being acceptable, then there were the mandatory formatting of address & phone numbers, to match what their system wanted from me.

I kinda of like their licensing agreement.


Argh, that is so stupid. I am trying to give you money, why are you trying so hard to make this hard on me?


11/26/2008 04:16 AM by

I guess they sold something you really really wanted? :)

Can't believe why some sites blacklist free email providers. Why on earth would you do it? To prevent spamming or drive-by fake checkouts?

I mean, they can't blacklist all of them anyway. If gmail, hotmail and live don't work, the user can just use inbox.com, or 10minutemail even. All the 'evil visitor' has to do is google for 'free email'. Meanwhile the 'good customer' is screwed.

Or the seller is, of course. As the customer just leaves the website.

11/26/2008 04:48 AM by

What does it say in the EULA when you download it?

Nicholas Piasecki
11/26/2008 05:21 AM by
Nicholas Piasecki


Yeah, that's nuts. But you might be interested to know, for example, that we don't outright blacklist e-mail providers from our e-commerce store. But we do have code for a few risk rules that add a few risk points for e-mail addresses that come from certain domains--we have found it to be a reliable indicator of fraud, but of course it can't stand alone. Same thing if you live in an apartment complex. It's a risk point, but obviously a lot of people (including myself) live in apartments. It's only when all of the rules start getting triggered (i.e., above a certain, high threshold) that we get worried.

11/26/2008 10:48 AM by

Flat-out not accepting @gmail.com addresses is absurd. Any business that does that won't get a penny of my money!

11/26/2008 02:50 PM by

Surely blacklisting gmail accounts is a bit of a blunt instrument?? I don't think I know anyone that doesn't have a gmail account that they use quite exclusively - it certainly beats the unreliability of most ISP mails I have experienced.

I can guarantee that I wouldn't have progressed past that stage.

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