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A Subtext feature request

Okay, Subtext is a great software, tested in the only real test that matter, in production. I am using it for a log time now, and it has given me very few problems, that is the hallmark of truly great software. It does what it needs to do, and it doesn't bother the owner with the details.

Phil Haack, and the rest Subtext gang, has done a great job in creating a zero friction tool for blogging.

It is missing one thing, however, I would really like to have a breathalyzer test as an optional security measure for the blog. I don't want to be able to post while I am drunk, something that seems to coincide with end of conference / end of a really good night at a conference.

I am sure that if you try to map the amount of controversy that my posts generate and correlate that to the end of conference times in which I took part, you would have pretty straightforward work.

As you can imagine, I deny being drunk at the moment. I am... slightly impaired in my thinking, perhaps, but I am not drunk.

I know that I am not drunk by the simple fact that I can type in English, without getting too much errors out.

Nevertheless, I think that such a feature would be a great addition to Subtext. I am pretty sure that tomorrow I am not going to be certain that I want this post out.


Rob Kitson
11/21/2008 02:49 AM by
Rob Kitson

Gmail labs already has something like that... Without the breathalizer of course.

It asks you some simple math questions before it sends the email. (heh, just like below)

11/21/2008 03:27 AM by

We could add a CAPTCHA that moves around. Perhaps it would be a CAPTCDHA

Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Drunken Humans Apart

11/21/2008 03:28 AM by

See, I failed the test. That should have been CAPTDHA without the second "C".

Michael Teper
11/21/2008 06:14 AM by
Michael Teper

I think your theory is backwards -- this post had the least errors in English in a while.


Frank Quednau
11/21/2008 01:11 PM by
Frank Quednau

Darling, don't you talk about your English errors, plz?

I am drunk, sorry

11/21/2008 04:33 PM by

A simple mouse-based reaction time test would work great!

11/22/2008 04:03 AM by

I love reading this especially since you goofed on writting how your not gettign to many errors out:

"...without getting too much errors out.""

without getting too many errors out is I think correct, but hey whose counting you probally have better english grammer then I do, and English is the only language I speak.

Funny post anyways;-)

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