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I'm more interested in what kind of magical version of Visual Studio you have that you have going on that only consumes that much memory....

Steve Sheldon

Good grief, what are you doing?

Sometimes I find we do things big just because we can, rather than because we need to.

Tuna Toksoz

Joe, when there is something consuming too much memory, the other programs will forced to use less. The virtual memory comes into play.

I think that's the reason.

Diego Jancic

The same happened to me a while ago, that was because I was using creating (by mistake) the NH SessionFactory in each test fixture. When I fixed that it fall below 100mb... I mean, are you sure there's not an error in your script/code? ;-)

Darius Damalakas

unit tests consume up to 1.5 gig of memory, at peaks, but we know it's because of a memory bug.


I'm with Joe here... However did you ever get VS down to 150MB?

Scott White

My Visual Studio.Net is consuming 636MB of ram right now. Visual Studio is not the most light weight IDE and I think Resharper adds to that footprint, albeit Resharpers footprint is well worth it.

Mike Brown

Hmmm...my VS Memory hovers around 150 MB consistently and I have a solution with 35 projects in it.

Jeff Brown

Looks like unit tests to me...

How many individual unit test assemblies do you have?

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