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It is alive! CodePlex has Subversion Access

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It is so much fun to see things that I worked on coming alive. The official announcement is here, with all the boring details. You can skip all of that and go read the code directly using SVN by hitting: https://svnbridge.svn.codeplex.com/svn

Switch svnbridge for your project, and you are done. Note that this is https. And yes, it should work with git-svn as well.

Way cool!



i thought that was your stuff. congratulations.

Robert Mircea

Good job Ayende and congratulations for the svnbridge team.

Ben Taylor

Congratulations and thanks. It is very cool and I am sure will result in many more people getting involved in projects on CodePlex.

Scott White

I know there is some good projects on CodePlex now, but I just don't trust it. SourceForge has had SVN access for a while. Call me smug but I just cannot trust a company that much who's CEO has said something along the lines of:

Open Source is like a virus that attaches itself to everything.


"Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches," Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Linux, not open source and that was said in 2001 before Microsoft started taking it seriously.

Codeplex and before that gotdotnet have been running for over 4 years so it's hardly likely they're going to just shut them down with no notice and steal your source code. All the projects are under various licenses anyway (BSD being my favourite). Codeplex has a great VS.NET source control provider and a more .NET geared community.

I'm curious what the decision is to choose sourceforge against codeplex. I can see it's related to Hibernate being on there and for historical reasons, but Codeplex might generate more support and help?

Glenn Block

Awesome news Oren. Microsoft was fortunate to have your help!

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