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A new meaning to async communication

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I took this picture about a year and a half ago on my phone, while visiting a client. I then email it to myself. I don't think that it arrived, and I forgot about this.

This has just landed in my mailbox. It says, in Hebrew: "Mommy said that you can't put collections in the session on Hibernate will beat you up".

I don't ever own the phone this picture was taken on. How the hell did it arrive?




Perhaps, David Blaine's street magic? ;-)

Dave The Ninja

Oren, I know why this happened!

Like my old mobile provider, they have strict process for delivering email...

  1. user sends email

  2. provider recieves email

  3. provider prints email

  4. provider atatches the mail to a carrier pigeons foot

  5. provider goes through pre-flight checks

  6. checks fail, revisit 3 through 5

  7. provider releases pigeon to fly to users email provider server

  8. email is entered into system and delivered to user

mobile phone distibuted system == 10k carrier pigeons




Yup Dave, definitely RFC1149.

Brian Chavez

Look at the SMTP headers.... view the message txt in original format.

Maybe you'll find some clues based on the dates that the MTAs sent and received....

Alex Shnayder

Sounds perfectly logical to me.

I myself have send a few picture messages using Orange IL and still waiting to get them.

If I will ever get them, I will come back and update this thread.

(I'm not holding my breath)


How do you run Visual Studio .NET on a Mac? Do you use Crossover? I find VMs like Parallels to be far too slow and unresponsive.


You're not paying attention: it says right there that it was brought to you by Cellcom. And, like Santa, Cellcom has a lot of presents to bring to everyone, and naturally this can take some time for a large number of recipients (I believe the professional term for this problem is "scaling", but you should ask a software person).

Also, it seems that this message originates from a time a lot farther back than a year and a half ago -- a time when Comic Sans was still considered a legitimate font to use in emails. Or anywhere else.

To summarize: Cellcom definitely got some points with this.

Scott White

You can use Sun's VirtualBox for free:


It runs on OS X and Linux, and also has support for Seamless mode.

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