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Git to CodePlex

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Well, it works, finally.


I had major issues getting commits to work. Eventually I figured out that git-svn does not send hashes of the files as all other SVN clients that I have tested so far. I was focused on finding corruption much earlier in the game, and drowned in the details.

I am not sure why it is committing a single change twice, but it is showing the same behavior on standard SVN servers, so I think that I am fine.

And here is the final test:




James Gregory

Very nice! Ah, the extents people go to avoid TFS ;)

Josh Robb

I thought you didn't like distributed scm? (http://www.ayende.com/Blog/archive/2008/04/30/I-dont-like-distributed-source-control.aspx)


Lee Henson

I thought you were going back to svn now Josh. :D

Oren, it looks like you are using msysgit from the screenshots. In case you haven't seen this: http://groups.google.com/group/msysgit/browse_thread/thread/8240da55a76f8c92

I suspect you may not care a great deal, but it is something you may want to watch.

Ayende Rahien

I still don't.

But that is a highly visible feature, which made it reasonable to implement.

Ayende Rahien


Good to know. I don't care myself, but now I have git support, it is the fault of the git toolset, not mine if there are problems.


FWIW "I don't care myself [...] it is the fault of the git toolset, not mine if there are problems" is exactly the reason why I regret big time having started msysGit.

I never would have expected such a distateful mindset in Windows users, but there you are.

Ayende Rahien


Do you follow the context?

I don't much care for git. I am building a tool that helps interact with SCM.

As such, git was in my test matrix. Since it passed the tests that I needed to, it means that from the point of view of the tool, I am cool with git support.

From the point of view of msysGit, it is not interesting to me, therefore I'll not bother about it.

Nothing to do with windows users. It is the same approach I use for everything else.

Stefan Wenig

"Distasteful mindset" is more than a bit harsh for someone who simply doesn't think he's obliged to follow up on bugs of tools he doesn't use.

Is this supposed to be a tit-for-tat response to OSS users who offend maintainers for not doing as they wish?

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