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Jimmy Bogard

So in this neighborhood, is Visual SourceSafe the village idiot?

Ayende Rahien

In this place, VSS can't enter because his key was corrupted.

Steven Harman

Wait... where is POSVN (Plain Old SVN) in this picture?

Is he the "I used to be the cool kid, date the head cheerleader, and be class president" who's popularity is now being challenged by the new, and somewhat mysterious, cool kid at school?

Stefan Wenig

now i'm not an expert, but isn't this the equivalent to receiving digital TV for that football championship, only to view it on an old low-res-screen, but hear your neighbor scream at each goal 15 secs before you, for all that encoding and decoding that takes place? ;-)

or can you actually consume the advantages of git that way?

Ayende Rahien


He graduated and is now a stolid member of the community.

I believe he has 2.4 kids and a white picket fence.

Ayende Rahien


Yes, you could.

There is not quality loss here, and you could do with this anything that git-svn will let you, which is quite a lot

Stefan Wenig

Well, I guess if I want to know how it feels to use git with a centralized SCM repository like SVN or TFS, I'd just have to try it. But I keep hearing the tooling on Windows sucks big time.

Anyway, that's probably just as true for SvnBridge as for native SVN, so, good work!


This thing is cute, thanks Oren :)

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