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Deep Fried Bytes: RoosterLaidAnEggException

During the MVP Summit we gathered in the hotel and had recorded one of the discussions that went there.

It was hilarious, and now it is online.

Listen to the interview war stories, and check the bit in the end.


Jeff Tucker
06/02/2008 08:46 PM by
Jeff Tucker

I've been waiting for this to be available. So great.

06/04/2008 10:42 PM by

No offence, but I waited 10 minutes for the 'extended' introduction, and by that time the strong american accents and "Kentucky Fried Chicken", country-bumpkin, car-salemsan commentator style annoyed me so much I had to turn it off.

Ayende Rahien
06/04/2008 10:58 PM by
Ayende Rahien


There is such thing as fast forward.

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