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Observations on writing

  • It took me two months to write 5 pages, then I started from scratch and wrote the whole chapter (~30 page) in two days.
  • Reading is so much harder than writing. I went over what I wrote so far, and it is painful.
  • Taking time to just write things might be a mistake, as this proves:image


Eric Hauser
05/29/2008 01:08 AM by
Eric Hauser

Sounds a lot like coding :)

Jeff Tucker
05/29/2008 08:52 PM by
Jeff Tucker

I have a solution for you on the inbox problem: select all, mark as read. If anything was really important, they'll email you back. This is similar to my method of determining who's using a particular software system (shut it down and wait by the phone).

05/30/2008 12:32 PM by

Oh boy, that's a lot of spam...

Jon Skeet
06/01/2008 05:13 PM by
Jon Skeet

Ayende - just wait til you're indexing. You'll feel your soul ebbing away with every minute :)

I don't think I ever got to the "5 pages over two months" stage, but I certainly had a few false starts along the way.

If you're really lucky, you won't need to do any significant restructuring (e.g. splitting a chapter, moving it etc). Doing that is like trying to refactor an enterprise app without any supporting tools :(


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