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The NHibernate FAQ Blog

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With the advent of the NHibernate Users list, we also needed a place for frequent questions. While the Hibernate's site already has a FAQ in place, I feel that a blog is a better medium for this.

Therefor, welcome the NHibernate FAQ Blog, which Gabriel Schenker and Tom Opgenorth has agreed to maintained. There are several good articles there already. Covering anything from setting up query logging to correct handling of entity equality.




Nice, the Lazy Loading - Eager Loading article was very good.

Krzysztof Koźmic

What's the deal with hibernatingrhinos.com?

Is this some new project of yours?

Benny Thomas

Very good FAQ, im now going to start to use nHibernate.

But I didn't like the FAQ using inline mappingfiles in the Domain library. As it uses DDD as a approach I suggest that they should promote PI and use mappingfiles in its own external library decoupled from the domain.



I feel the Hibernate community has done a good job.


Such a pity all the example code is always in C#, I think a lot of VB.Net are scared of because of the lack of good VB.Net examples. Allthough translation is ussualy easy.

Never mind me.

Sean Kearon

@Chrissie1 - I think SharpDevelop converts C# to VB.Net. You can download it from: http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/


I know there are lots of converters out there. But if we want more people to use the correct techniques then examples should be eassier to find. Lets not forget that a lot of developers are using the other .net.

Ayende Rahien


I needed a place to put things, and I like the name

Ayende Rahien


Where you store the mapping is no an important issue.

It is often easiest to store them right next to the class files



It may seem like a unimportant issue. And it's probably too. But i dont wanna have infrastructure wiswas in my domain. I don't thing I'm the only one and in the name of DDD you should point out to people how to do it in a PI way. I had to investigate a bit to figure out how to do it. 2 sec's or so.

My opinion is that the mapping files polutes my domain and makes it unpretty to see in the solution explorer.


Paul Hatcher

I've just started moving mine into the Data tier - this also plays nice when you need to have cross-database projects as you can naturally have Project.Data.Sql and Project.Data.Oracle assemblies.

Bas Jansen

What a shame the link to http://blogs.hibernatingrhinos.com/nhibernate/Default.aspx doesn't seem to work.

Jan Limpens

Faq is offline

The type initializer for 'Subtext.Framework.HostInfo' threw an exception.


Blog is a nice idea, but it has turned into one long article. I would have been nicer to have an index so an end user can browse articles rather than scroll through a very long page.

Peter Levin

Can nHibernate do such thing with named query. - Get List of Objects with collection as object property by single named sql query with join.

I have seen tag "join-result" and have understood that it can be used for

joining with propertry (not collection) and inside loader with collection

while I load single object, but can I do this when I want to call named

query to get list of objects. My wish is 1) One sql call = single sql execution 2) All sql

statements are separeted from code (inside named-query)

Ayende Rahien

Please ask in the mailin list nhusers AT googlegroups.com

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