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Bil Simser

So you're going to build VB.NET support later after you have your dinner then? Please don't. I have a hard enough time explaining mocks to the C#'ers.

Ayende Rahien


Rhino Mocks works with VB.Net

I even gave a talk about it (and TDD in general) in the VBUG in Israel.

It is just that VBC can't handle passing a void to a delegate.

Tuna Toksoz

is the .Open method the delegate you want to pass?

Ayende Rahien

The Open() method is a the IDbconnection.Open() method, it is not a valid syntax, the compiler show issue an error, not crash


That's awesome! And yet another reason my company should switch to C#.


Bil Simser

Thanks for the clarification. What do I know, from a guy who doesn't do VB.NET. Hey, as long as it doesn't crash my C# code I'm putting blinders on to this one ;)

Chris Wuestefeld

Crashing visual studio is no big achievement. I can do it, for example, by simply opening SQL Server Management Studio. Oh, and my big disappointment of last week: TFS database unit tests will no longer run on my machine.

Sigh. I can't wait for Orcas to be released. It can't be any worse than VS.Net 2005.

(I think my problems are related to running the product in a 64-bit environment, since my home 32-bit environment is perfectly stable)

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