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Useful lies about JavaScript Prototype Model

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Note: This is not how it works, but it is close enough that it is a valid mental model for most scenarios.

When I think about JavaScript and its type system, I usually envision objects as hash tables that can carry values or functions. The prototype idea is just an associated hash table, and so on. The moment that I settled on this mental model, it was much easier to grok javascript.

Now, that is a vague explanation if I ever heard one, so let us speak in code:

public class Object
	private readonly Dictionary<string, Procedure> functions 
		= new Dictionary<string, Procedure>();
	private Object prototype;

	public Object Prototype
				prototype = new Object();
			return prototype;
		set { prototype = value; }

	public Procedure this[string name]
			if (functions.ContainsKey(name))
				return functions[name];
			if (prototype != null && prototype.functions.ContainsKey(name))
				return prototype[name];
			throw new InvalidOperationException("No function called " + name);
		set { functions[name] = value; }

This is a simple example of the matter, and here is how you can use it, if you ignore the fact that C# doesn't have any useful duck typing, then this code looks very much like the one that you would write in JavaScript:

Object obj = new Object();
obj["on_change"] = delegate { Console.WriteLine("changed"); };

obj.Prototype["on_load"] = delegate { Console.WriteLine("loaded from prototype"); };


//"overriding" the prototype method
obj["on_load"] = delegate{ Console.WriteLine("loaded from object"); };


obj["missing_method"]();//will throw


Ben Reichelt

I think the Prototype property should be static, right?

IIRC, in javascript if you modify the .prototype property, it applies to all instances of the class, rather than just that instance.

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