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Rhino.ETLFull Package Syntax

Okay, here is the full package syntax that I have now, which is enough to express quite a bit, I am now getting started on working on the engine itself, I am going to try the message passing architecture for now, since it is much more flexible.

	ConnectionType: SqlConnection,
	ConnectionString: "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=Northwind; Integrated Security=SSPI;"

source Northwind, Connection="NorthwindConnection":
	Command: "SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE RequiredDate BETWEEN @LastUpdate AND @CurrentDate"
		@LastUpdate = date.Today.AddDays(-1)
		@CurrentTime = ExecuteScalar("NorthwindConnection", "SELECT MAX(RequiredDate) FROM Orders")

transform ToLowerCase:
	for column in Parameters.Columns:
		Row[column] = Row[column].ToLower() if Row[column] isa string

destination Northwind, Connection = "NorthwindConnection":
	Command: """
INSERT INTO [Orders_Copy]
	[CustomerID], [EmployeeID], [OrderDate], [RequiredDate], [ShippedDate],[ShipVia],

pipeline CopyOrders:
	Sources.Northwind >> ToLowerCase(Columns: ['ShipCity','ShipRegion'])
	ToLowerCase >> Destinations.Northwind 

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Tobin Harris

All looks good to me :)

I realise you're doing this to solve your own problems, not mine, but some other thoughts I've had on this are:

1) Mappings

It's common to set up a mapping for each source, which indicates how source columns map to target columns. Had you considered making this an explicit concept in your DSL?

map SkandiaFileFormatToDestinationsTable:

'Customer ID' => 'customer_id'

'Order ID' => 'order_id'

'First Name' => 'forename'

pipeline CopyOrders:

Sources.SkandiaFile >> Destinations.ValuationsTable using map SkandiaFileFormatToDestinationsTable

2) Back to the idea of having a stock library of standard cleaning functions. You could just allow file include?

pipeline ImportOrdersFromPegasus:

include "StandardTransforms.boo"

Sources.Orders >> ToTitleCase(Colums: ['Title','Forename','Surname']) >> Destinations.Orders with map PegasusOrdersToSunOrders

Food for thought, anyway!

Ayende Rahien

I realise you're doing this to solve your own problems, not mine,

I am looking forward to see what you can do with this :-)

=> is not a valid Boo operator, so I used >>, but other than that, isn't your map basically a transform of column names?

transform SkandiaFileFormatToDestinationsTable:

Row.customer_id = Row["Customer ID"]

I will probably not allow a file include, but rather a project system, which will allow better reuse (including shared dlls).

Jay R. Wren

Um. WOW is all I can say.

That is very nice short and concise language.

I have to admit that I've used C# instead of SSIS in cases where I can get away with it, but for my next case I'll be looking at these bits.


Looking good. I'm coming from a non-ORM background, so I have issues with the literal sql strings. Can't you do anything about those?

Ayende Rahien

Well, what would you have instead?

This is a ETL project, I don't see any better way to handle this, frankly.

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