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BrailDSL Support Information

Harris has more details about the internal implementation of Brail's DSL Support

Following the same line of thoughts, Alex has a similar implementation using C# 3.0. Personally, I think that Alex's implementation is cool, but it looks really similar to LISP, and that sort of scares me. I am currently reading about ANTLR, so it actually makes sense, in a weird way, except that I keep looking for the lower level implementation.

And as long as I am busy in link aggregation, Tom Opgenorth has posted a guide to Binsor, including a Getting Started example!

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OT ... but ...

I have a senario that I'm curious how it would be handled in Monorail with Brail:

based on a textbox changed event (holds a date), when the user hits the tab key, it goes to the database (via NHibernate), retrieves a list and populates a select dropdown with values. This is all to be down without a postback and the tab order must automatically goto the dropdown where the user can type the first letter of an item in the dropdown to select an item that would then display items in a hidden div tag.

This is all per customer's request - and I'm trying it in WebForms with telerik controls, it's messy as ... :)

Ayende Rahien

Basically, you bind the on change to an ajax request, open a div with the options, focus() on it, etc.

Very easy to say, a bit harder to do. Take a look at scriptacolous samples for this.

Steve Gentile

are there any samples showing Brail working with the scriptacolous library?

I might switch to brail, just would need some good examples to get me rolling (mostly to understand the syntax)

thank you !

Steve Gentile

That is a good example he has above - I'd like to see one using Monorail hooking up the NHibernate facilities.

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