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As intended, not as expected


We see this issue on this use case, is this a bug?


Well, it works exactly the way we intended it to work, just not as the client expected it to work.


Roy Tate
06/24/2007 07:51 PM by
Roy Tate

I have seen this in cases where the customer was implementing a new process (so they had never done this before) and also when I had optimized a step (they expected to export an order file, then import it again, but I piped the data straight into the order processing system). Sometimes a report or a summary screen that gives a good overview of some internal operation will give the customer the confidence to accept your implementation of the process. Managing customer expectations is an ART, and I don't always do a good job when I am also the only developer on the project. It's all about communicating and managing expectations. If you do that well during the early phases of a project, the customer will usually be pleased by the results.

06/24/2007 08:40 PM by

I guess the phrase "The customer is always right" doesn't apply here...

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