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Sleep as currency? I would buy some...

It is a good day, celebrate it

It is a good day, so I decided to share some joy.

For today only, we offer 21% discount for all our products. You can get that using coupon code: bzeiglglay

This applies to RavenDB (Standard, Enterprise and ISV), RavenDB Professional & Production Support and NHibernate Profiler and Entity Framework Profiler

This offer will be valid for 24 hours only.


Petar Repac
08/21/2014 09:39 AM by
Petar Repac

It would be fair to say what you are happy about. Is it for example connected to politics ? Birthday? You got a baby ?

Ayende Rahien
08/21/2014 02:37 PM by
Ayende Rahien

Petar, I don't feel like doing that at this point.

mr picky
08/21/2014 02:45 PM by
mr picky

The profiler link is coming up as relative - ie http://ayende.com/blog/168001/hibernatingrhinos.com/products/nhprof/buy

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