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RavenDB Conf: Success!

Now that the conference is over ,and I am merely doing 3 back to back RavenDB courses in 3 cities and 2 continents, I can sit back and look at that.

I was, in a word, a blast. We had eight speakers giving 14 talks, about topics that moved from date and time handling in RavenDB to operational concerns to architectural how to. But, to be honest, I think that I found the attendees to be the main attraction. It was really good to finally meet so many of the people we have been talking with over the past few years. And what people are building with RavenDB is flat out amazing, and just a little bit scary. It is a funny thing when I see people take our tool and put it to uses that we have never even imagined.

Another great part was the hackaton. We had, in the space of a few hours, produced a major new feature for RavenDB (distributed counters), with everything wired up: Storage, Wire Protocol and even the UI. We still need to complete the replication bits, but those are coming.

We have recorded the sessions, and we hope to have the edited videos soon. I wanted to take the time and thank the speakers and the attendees for such a great conference .

We’ll be seeing you again soon… Smile.


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04/09/2014 07:10 PM by

Is there any chance to share this videos as minimum 720p res? I'm restively waiting

04/10/2014 08:18 AM by

Hurray! You recorded the sessions, I would gladly pay some $ for a HD download option!

EU location for the 2015 conference and I'm there!

Judah Gabriel Himango
04/10/2014 02:48 PM by
Judah Gabriel Himango

I agree - the conference was great!

Meeting the speakers and the community was fun. Just chatting with people, watching the talks and seeing the new bits makes it clear Raven is progressing in tangible ways. I'm really glad to be part of this.

Looking forward to next year.

04/10/2014 03:42 PM by

Great to talk with so many cool peers in the conference and a lot of information to digest and leverage. It would be awesome to be able to access the slides. Thanks and congrats on the success of the conference.

Rob Scott
04/10/2014 10:55 PM by
Rob Scott

The conference was excellent! Kudos to everyone involved.

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