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Hibernating RhinosThe Movie

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Well, it is finally here, it has been ten years since I started blogging. My first blog was on April’s 1st 2004, and somehow, we are a decade later.

Usually it is time for introspective, and careful thought about what was and what will be, but I’m having no time for that. Instead, I wanted to let you know that we just finished signing with Lucas Film (well, it said Disney on the contract, but I’m a geek, so I’ll go with the more impressive title) for a movie about Hibernating Rhinos. The idea is basically similar to the Social Network, but much better.

I’m trying to see if I can get Jesse Eisenberg to play there.

And I got a budget for 999 ravens to be released in a flock at one of the scenes!

We’ll show a trailer for the movie (purely computer generated, so far) at our Conference in a week.

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Judah Gabriel Himango

Personally, I'm waiting for the sequel: Fitzchak Strikes Back

Congrats on 10 years of blogging. I just checked out your first post (really on April 1st, 2004!) - quite amusing, especially the post where you come up with the rhino logo: http://ayende.com/blog/5/logo-evolution


Congrats on the ten years blogging. Great effort.


Your blog is one of my daily visits, many thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really like to stream-of-consciousness style of the posts. Speaking of FB, I sometimes wonder about what would be with the blog in event of HR going public or getting acquired. There seems to be some agonizing in Israel over the "exit culture".

Ayende Rahien

peter, There are no current plans to go public or selling HR. That isn't to say that if someone came and throw money at me, I would say no :-), but that isn't the strategy we are pursuing.

At any rate, this blog isn't a company blog, it is my personal blog, and that isn't likely to change.


You need a product with a substantial user base to go public anyway. The big boys don't use raven too flaky.

Ayende Rahien

Jim, In the past couple of month we had two big deals with a Fortune 500 companies. We are doing pretty well.


Yes, it appears that time just goes by like woosh when you are having fun, keeping busy and getting obsessively tied up in a good thing.Your 10 years of blogging are much appreciated, one of my regular stops.

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