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A RavenDB Hackaton

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I just had what I think is a great idea. As you know by now, we are going to do a full blown conference to celebrate RavenDB 3.0

We are going to do a lot of talking about RavenDB, but I think that a more active experience would also be good. So what I’m planning is to have at least three RavenDB Core Dev Team present and do something. Right now I am torn between doing something that the people showing up want to do and build an application using RavenDB and doing a major new feature live with everyone pitching in. Or any combination of the two.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome…


Jim Geurts

How about tossing the "build an application using RavenDB" and "major new feature" into the collection of ideas gathered from conference attendees. Then have the attendees pick their favorite(s) from that collection?

Dominic Zukiewicz

I would say some focus to getting data physically in and out of RavenDB - like the SQL Replication feature does.

As an audience of database developers and IT managers :

Most companies are already storing their data in a RDBMS, but if the transition is 'painful', why bother? They've already spent their $20'000 on SQL Server Enterprise ... Cross-platform usage. Backup/restore/installation.

This is also a good demonstrating of (a) it is easy to migrate, (b) it is easy to access and navigate, (c) SQL Replication demo to keep them aware it isn't a OLAP data warehouse, so it can co-exist with existing systems. Maybe if you can squeeze in Azure/Amazon Hosting?

As an audience of developers new to RavenDB ("Primer"):

Describing the platforms of use - Java / .NET / JavaScript. I am assuming newer developers are looking to understand the the transition of RDBMS to RavenDB. "Where are the foreign keys? Where are the views? Where are the indexes? Are tables & documents the same? Do I have to re-architect to this new view of the world?" .. these are terms they understand, so again a transition period is appropriate.

As an audience of existing RavenDB developers:

A summary of the new features are good, but since performance and cross-platform compatibility, demo it! If you have any hidden gems or tips for squeezing every ounce of performance. Maybe even architectural patterns for using it (e.g. RavenController), WPF?

As a hands on example, I would say walkthrough a migration. Compare a before/after scenario if possible? You could demo that changes are only required behind the service, or behind the repository.


All-in-all, I'm suggesting its simplicity for transition to will be a major selling point, and let their enthusiasm shine through.

(IMHO) ..

Ayende Rahien

Dominic, You are talking about the content of the conference, but in this post I am talking about specifically the hackaton.

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