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Hopefully you guys record this and put it on YouTube, the time is not good for me :(


I put the following comment at the bottom of the RavenDB 2.5 post, but figured I'd put it here as well so if someone else screws up like I did they won't miss this webinar.

So what time zone is IST? First Google Calendar set my registration up as 7:30 am US Eastern time (apparently using Indian Standard Time for IST). That wasn't right, so looked up other possibilities for IST and found Ireland Standard Time. All indications are that means noon U.S. Eastern time. Try to connect to the webinar a few minutes before noon EST and it says it is waiting for the presenter. A few minutes after noon I try connecting again and it says the webinar is over.

I've signed up for the Sept. 24th webinar and it also uses the mysterious IST time zone. Exactly what is the IST time zone offset from GMT for that webinar? Maybe I won't miss that one too!


I'm sick so i have missed it too. Will it be up on YouTube or will you send a link via email to registered participants.

@glenn Israeli Standard Time UTC+02 http://www.worldtimezone.com/utc/utc+0200.html

You should try using World Time Buddy (WTB) http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/israel/jerusalem/to/gmt

Judah Gabriel Himango

Guys, if you're unsure of the local time, click "show time in my time zone" in the webinar link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/274102194

For the Raven 3.0 mystery feature webinar, it's September 24th, 11am Eastern Time (USA).

Oren recorded the 2.5 webinar this morning, so I'm sure we'll have the 3.0 mystery feature recorded as well.

Judah Gabriel Himango

Update: the time has changed (or previous time zone issue resolved).

The Raven 3 webinar will be at 9am US Central Time (10am US Eastern Time).


Not again? Didn't us provide the email during registration and no update notification is sent? The Reminder email did provide the correct time, but I did not notice any mention of change of time.

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