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RavenDB in Action: MEAP edition

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This is probably the RavenDB book that I am most looking forward to. Written by Itamar Syn-Hershko, who worked for Hibernating Rhinos and is mainly responsible for the fact that I understand how lucene works.

You can get it here: http://www.manning.com/synhershko/ 

Use coupon code ravdbco to get 50% off the original price




Hi coupon discount is not allowed....?

Kyle Szklenski

Man I love this. That coupon was huge. Ordered immediately upon seeing the post.


What version(s) is this going to cover? You're coming out with new features so fast that this book will need to be updated before it's released.

Itamar Syn-Hershko

Mario, the coupon is valid till 30/6

Josh, the book is covering 2.5, and while in MEAP its being continuously updated. All topics are relevant for future versions as well. Before it will be sent to print we will consider quickly revising it so it will cover the latest version (will probably be 3.0). But yes, it isn't easy :)


Credit card not accepted. Bummer :( It's seems highly unlikely to me that there is an issue with my credit card. Is anybody else having such problems?

Glad to hear the coupon is valid for some more days so i'll still be able to fix the issue with the credit card or get someone else to pay with his credit card for me.


@Bruno, I just ordered my copy using my credit card and all was good.

@Mario, coupon worked fine for me too.

@Itamar, only bought the book cause you're the author. Who better to write a RavenDb book than one of the members who built RavenDB in the first place?

I previously bought the Raven training dvds as well and am looking forward to see if the book will complete them nicely.


Just ordered my copy. Discount very appreciated!


Got a letter today from the credit card company. They disabled my card because i tried to buy this book! :o Obviously they think raven db is only used by money launderers or other criminals ;-)

Called them and the help desk agent was not really able to explain to me why exactly this transaction was red-flagged. Card will be unlocked and i'll have a chance to try again.


Just got my copy using the same credit card. Took a first look and immediately liked that the book explains why ORM were created and what the benefit of RavenDB is. Understanding why stuff is the way it is can help a lot.

Appreciate the discount!

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