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Raven.Storage just passed its first “test”

Take a look at the code below. This actually completed as expected, and was working beautifully. As I probably mentioned, the architecture of this is really nice, and I think I was able to translate this into .NET code in a way that is both idiomatic and useful. 4:30 AM now, and I think that this is bed time for me now. But I just couldn’t leave this alone.



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04/30/2013 07:10 PM by

Awesome stuff. But what does a sorted string table do for us over what esent already does? I would imagine esent has some sort of internal dictionary or "sorted string" table that points to some data. Just wondering, I'm really excited about all of this stuff.

Ayende Rahien
05/01/2013 09:43 AM by
Ayende Rahien

JDice, Go back to read the posts about how leveldb works, it would probably make it easier to understand.

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