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A pull request with all of the taxes already paid, gimme that again!

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I recently merged a pull request from Barry Hagan. The actual pull request is pretty boring, to tell you the truth, exposing a Lucene feature through the RavenDB API.

What really impressed me was how complete the pull request was.

What do I mean by complete?

A feature is not just supporting it in the engine. For this particular pull request, Barry have done:

  • Supported this in RavenDB Database Core.
  • The HTTP API.
  • The C# Client API.
  • The strongly typed C# Client API.
  • Included support for dynamic indexes.
  • Updated the query optimizer.
  • Exposed this feature in the UI.

Basically, the only things that I had to do were git pull and then review the code.

Very nicely done.



How does that work? People pay for RavenDB and still add features to it? And then have to pay for those features? I don't understand.

Ayende Rahien

Jiggaboo, This probably explains this best: http://twitter.com/randompunter/status/303499429313392642


But when it comes to new features why not add it in you own solution and sell? You sir may have found ideal business! :)

Ayende Rahien

Jiggaboo, Because a new feature on its own is pretty useless. It is the aggregation that make things useful

Tim Murphy

What about some tests to make it the perfect pull request :-)

Daniel Schilling

Looks to me like tests were included. Way to go, man!


Nobody dares to send you a sloppy pull request. I wouldn't be surprised if some significant amount of work was put in that pull request, just to meet your standards :)

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