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On failing tests

I made a change (deep in the guts of RavenDB), and then I run the tests, and I go this:


I love* it when this happens, because it means that there is one root cause that I need to fix, really obvious and in the main code path.

I hate it when there is just one failing test, because it means that this is an edge condition or something freaky like that.

* obviously I would love it more if there were no failing tests.


Frank Quednau

I don't know, when you do a change, and nothing breaks, there is some part of me that thinks that maybe the tests have an issue...

Ayende Rahien

Frank, That is pretty horrible from my point of view. If I make a change and something break, it means that it is very hard to make changes.

Frank Quednau

By break we both mean failing test, right? I was thinking more of making a logical blunder in e.g. a refactoring session. If your tests are meant to ensure that your system does what you expect it to do, then a failing test should say that after that change it does not behave in the same way. Hence, either your expectation shifted or you made a mistake.

Ayende Rahien

Frank, But I am changing things all the time. As long as the behavior is functionally the same, I don't care.


Now imagine you didn't have tests. I can't believe some people write software without tests.

Ayende Rahien

Jiggaboo, What is the association for that?

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