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My name is Oren Eini
Founder of Hibernating Rhinos LTD and RavenDB.
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Somehow, the rhino picture is not displayed...


WTF just happened? I posted once, and I currently see three postings, with oddly different times and time formats on the last one.

01/24/2013 08:47 AM by configurator +1

01/24/2013 08:47 AM by configurator +1

1/24/2013 10:47:41 AM +02:00 by configurator +1

Thomas Levesque

(off topic)

Are you aware that your blog has a bug on Firefox? When you open a post, the page scrolls down after it's loaded. It doesn't happen on Chrome or IE.

Ayende Rahien

Thomas, No, I didn't, we will look into that.


@thomas Sounds like a bug in FF :-)


Firefix is a bug.


Simon Skov Boisen

On the topic of Rhinos, be sure to watch the new series by David Attenborough called Africa, the fist episode about the Khalahari desert has some unique footage showing the gentle sides of rhinos :-)

Cristi Lupascu

There could actually be some truth to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicorn#Elasmotheriumorrhinoceros :)

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