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Good indie Military Sci Fi

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I recently began to read the “indies” in the Amazon’s listing, and I wanted to point out some things that I really enjoyed:

The David Birkenhead series:

Product Details Product Details Product Details Product Details

If I have one complaint about this series, it is that it the books are fairly short, typically less than 200 pages. That said, they are very well written, and the main protagonist is likable almost from the get go.  I just noticed that the latest (Commander) came out, and I read it in one sitting.

It is good, really good, military Sci Fi. It is believable, interesting and in general, a lot of fun.

The Admiral Who series:

Product Details Product Details

In contrast to the Birkenhead series, no one can complain that those books are short. Each comes at around 500 pages or so, and they are filled with a lot of really good content.

This is a reluctant hero story, and it reminded me strongly of Mat from the Wheel of Time, just in space.


The problem with most indie content on Amazon is that they are frequently poorly edited. In both cases, however, the editing is pretty good (not perfect, but good enough that it doesn’t distract from the story). And the stories more than compensate for that.

Just to give you some idea bout how goo they are, I am currently re-reading those books, and that is a honor that many professionally produced books just don’t get.

The Birkenhead series is supposed to have another book in late October (my thought, it is already late October, any later and it is November!) and while there isn’t a release date for the Admiral Who series, I am looking forward to both eagerly.


Ayende Rahien

And yesterday the latest in David Birkenhead came out, Captain, which I already finished reading. Awesome!

John Bloom

I recently read "Wool Omnibus" by Hugh Howey. It was really good Sci Fi. I was nervous about indie books at first but Wool was a really good read. It is a compilation of 5 books. 4 short stories and one full length. It makes for one really long book but I didn't complain.

One of the nice things about indie books is that they actually get to set the price for their ebooks which means you get a price break that you dont get from published books.



You should read the Solar Clipper Trader Tales. They're not available on Kindle right now due to a change of publisher, but great books. The first book in the series: http://www.amazon.com/Quarter-Share-Clipper-Trader-ebook/dp/B003KGBH3K

I just bought the Admiral Who books. Looks like something I will enjoy..


Well, $3 a book. It's like an app, that's why you get a short book. In old days it'd all be published in a single book with a higher price tag.

Btw, I just finished the 5th in A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). EPIC! Surely isn't short.

Winter is coming... ;)

Jason Pettys

I started the David Birkenhead series after reading this article -- already read through the first three and am loving them. Thanks, Ayende!


Just finished the first book and have bought the rest. Thanks for the recommendation!


Look at Jim Butcher -- Codex Alera, Dresden Files. Both are pretty decent (and I think of myself as having fairly high standards :)) Just don't complain if you are not able to stop. Those two series combined push 4K pages :)

Ayende Rahien

Max, I read both, Codex Allera was GREAT, and Dresden is really good. Read Cold Days the day it was out.

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