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What's a dependency roll up?

Ayende Rahien

The chain of the dependencies that you have, basically.


What exactly could you do all by yourselves?

Christopher Wright

Gilligan, everything that Lucene.NET Spatial does (and by extension, Spatial4n and Net Topology Suite and anything they depend on).

Diego Guidi

Then again, we could do all of that ourselves. An alternative can be to grab the source code and reference this code. Anyway, reinwhent the wheel is not a good practice.


Ayende you often say ...I use OSS project every time is possible

Anonymous Coward

How can you "do" a "chain of dependencies"?


What does this have to do with OSS projects? It it was a couple of commercial libs depending on each other - the problem would have been even worse (if they wouldn't fix it and release it quickly). Now you can fix it at least.

Ayende Rahien

Roger, a) Commercial software tend not to have that deep a dependency tree. For obvious reasons. b) That was pretty much my point on the last sentence.

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