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Paul Hatcher

This comes under the Pauli category of "not even wrong"


big data in shared web hosting?

Pure Krome



The only funny thing with this is Orin's poor attempt to sensor the username of the author of the post, when people can easily find this post on googlegroups.com simply by googling the title of the post.

Second, what is the point of making fun of people and pointing out they asked a "dumb" question? Will this help your community when people stop asking you question in fear of being mocked?


Not even sure what this post is about. Other than the shared host issue, either answer could be correct depending on the requirements.


@Jarle +1


Also, why would you possibly respond in Chinese? AFAIK you are not Chinese, and AFAIK the guy who asked the question is not Chinese....so...?


@Beyers, @Jarle, @Craig, @cocowalla Guys, this is in HUMOR tag. It's supposed to be fun :) so stop complaining.

Also, as you can see from the slogan of the website - Refunds available at head office ;)

Jason Meckley

@Khalid Abuhakmeh - well played :)


He pretend to be smart, instead he ended up being arrogant

Frank Quednau

Gotta love your "fans", ayende.

The chinese Mu does not state anything about the dumbness or not dumbness of somebody but is better aligned with the "not even wrong" comment.


I now have a new favorite expression...

"unask the question!"

A perfect response when the original question is asked with so little effort as to remain vague and devoid of meaningful context.


English may not be his/her first language

Never ASSUME - else you make a ASS out of U and ME


Wonder if this was just as funny when Microsoft introduces Sql Server 2012 with Hadoop :)

For many years ago I admired your view on common coding problems, but somehow now, Ayende Rahien, yo seem to be more and more unsympathetic and conceited.



You can always tell the n00bs by reading the comments because everyone else knows Orin is a dick.


How do you guys know what big data is? 50 Megabyte can be big for him.

And as you can see, "there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers". With this thread, this is proven.

Mash The Web

Lol! Mu is "negative", more or less, "none" so you kept the answer open ended! There is no best solution for a database used for sharing and holding large amounts of data. Let me give you a probable answer - Mongo DB.

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