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Gene Hughson

A method named IndexExists() throws an exception when it doesn't exist?

Ayende Rahien

Gene, There is a difference if the index exists or the directory exists. But yes, this is stupid. A lot of the Lucene code is like that.


Pot/Kettle (http 304)

Gene Hughson

ah...InsufficientCaffieneException thrown on my end.

Patrick Smacchia

100% agree, this is a feature I was asking for years everytime I could!


I usually run with "break on all exceptions". And I hate it when libraries use exceptions liberally so I get too much noise.


i love that dark theme


you know this is available since vs2003 at least. just that you have to go to the menu....


I'm just waiting for the interface to arrive. Its definately faster than 2010, but the UI is barely there!


This is not new. Just new UI

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