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I hate Hello World questions

That is what I call things like this:


It was part of a question I was asked, and the question contained things like:

I've a field (Field2) in MyClass as nested Dictionary and i have an index for Field 1.

There are several issues with this style of question:

  • It make it harder to answer, because you have to keep a mapping of that in your head.
  • There is no meaning to the question, we can’t figure out whatever this is a good or bad scenario.
  • Usually the problem description contains references to the real model, which I haven’t seen and don’t know anything about.



Simon Skov Boisen

Where do you get these questions? Do people email you?

Ali Kheyrollahi

He means this:


Peter Prikryl

I think it is pretty normal that developers do not want to hear your opinion on the real model (whatever the reason is). They rather want to know why something does not work as expected and general abstract sample is fine in that case (without references to the real model).

Ali Kheyrollahi

Completely agree. There are tons of questions like this in StackOverflow asking how to solve a problem often created originally by a bad design - although I do not pass judgement on this particular question.

Vitaly Stakhov

I don't like this type of questions about our product as well. In most cases these abstract questions are about using the product in a way it isn't supposed to be used. The author may be looking at a problem at a wrong angle and by stating this kind of question he forces the answer under the same wrong angle. He doesn't have all the information to make the correct question, so its just better to say what he needs and get a proper answer.

Ayende, is this all related to safe by default thing of RavenDB, when users are not allowed to do weird things?

Wyatt Barnett

I think what he is complaining about is the contrived nature of the model here -- Field1 and Field2 are hard to mentally make sense of coming from the outside and not wanting to spend a whole lot of time getting into the question. I think he is asking folks to use a less contrived examples so he can better help.


A lot of irony in this post...

Ayende Rahien

Vitaly, Sometimes, but sometimes it is just odd design that might not be appropriate, and we have no way of knowing.

Terry Denham

I have the same feeling around Foo/Bar scenarios.

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