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RavenHQ goes out of beta

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After several months in public beta, I am proud to announce that RavenHQ, the RavenDB as a Service  on the cloud has dropped the beta label and is now ready for full production use.

That means that we now accept signups from the general public, you no longer need an AppHarbor account and you can use it directly. It also means that you can safely start using RavenHQ for production purposes.

RavenHQ is a fully-managed cloud of RavenDB servers and scalable plans, you’ll never have to worry about installation, updates, availability, performance, security or backups again.

We offer both standard and high availability plans, and are the perfect fit for RavenDB users who can safely outsource all the operational support of your databases in the RavenHQ’s team capable hands.



Are there any instances in the EU availiable ?

Ayende Rahien

Aph5, Not yet, this is a feature that we hope to have soon


Congratulations! Love the product!


Superb and super easy to use. Just created a free database for the toy project I am working on with the bronze package.

Easy to setup and easy to get to management studio.

Marcus Swope

If I have an account already with AppHarbor, does that give me a login to RavenHQ?

Judah Gabriel Himango

Very cool! Congrats, Ayende.

I'm using AppHarbor + RavenHQ for 2 open source projects and 1 non-profit. I'm assuming there's no reason to switch to standalone RavenHQ if I'm happy with the AppHarbor bundle?


That is great news Oren :)

Ayende Rahien

Marcus, No, it does no, you need to re-register for that.

Ayende Rahien

Judah, No, it is the same service.


Awesome stuff Ayende! Congratulations!

David Cuccia

Congratulations! Just set up a prototype db for myself and my company - took 2 min total.

Sławomir Bryś

Is RavenHQ fully supported under Xamarin ?

Ayende Rahien

Sławomir, You mean Mono, yes, you can make it work from there.

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