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MSNBC.COM & RavenDB Webinar

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RavenDB is in heavy use inside MSNBC.COM, running some of their most interesting assets.

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST, we will host the development team for doing that in our RavenDB Webinar to learn what is it like to run RavenDB on the most popular U.S. news site.

In their own words: "we’re using RavenDB, loving it, and plan to use it much more".

In this webinar, we will talk with members of the development team responsible for that, learn how they:

  • deal with RavenDB in production
  • manage geo distribution with RavenDB
  • rapidly make changes in both development and production.

Please register to the webinar, we have a limited amount of participants, so make sure to register in advance.

And bring your own questions, we will open this up for the audience to ask their own questions.



Will this be recorded? Would like to hear it but won't be able to make that time.

Ayende Rahien

James, Yes, it will be recorded.


Wow. This is fantastic news. I'm really looking forward to it.


Sorry to have missed this. Ayende, can you post the recorded webinar?

J Healy

Would also like to know when this is available as I've got some clients I've been nudging your way and this would help...

Chris Waldron

Please send me an email when you post this webinar. Thanks.

James Crowley

+1 to posting the recorded webinar if you can Ayende :) Thanks!

Ayende Rahien

James, it is already published.


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