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RavenDB: It was the weekend before the wedding…

…when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Because everyone was away on a Stag/Hen weekend.

Phil Jones has just notified me that a site he has been working on for a while went live.  Escape Trips is a site that provides Stag and Hen trips in the UK. A Stag/Hen weekend is apparently a bigger version of a stag party, I assume that this is the origin for movies like this (well, not really).

At any rate, this site is actually powered by RavenDB throughout. We actually have several videos in the pipeline of me and Phil hashing out some details about the site when it was built.

The site is fast, and Phil was kind enough to give me some interesting stats.

Some interesting performance stats compared to SQL Express which was running on the VPS. SQL Express was eating ~500MB of RAM (limited), RavenDB has been sat at ~80MB since launch last night! I think EF was eating CPU as well, CPU usage is way down as well.

Performance comment wise, I don’t know if EF was to blame but IIS process CPU usage is down even though traffic has doubled since the launch (mainly crawlers and a new adwords campaign). After running since the launch on Thursday night, the RAM usage has increased to 100MB, still a really great number though as I plan to scale down the VPS’s RAM saving money, RavenDB will actually be paying for itself!

The website looks quite simple from the public side but most of the development has gone into the private administrative website for dealing with sales, customer support and content editing. Performance wise, the system is more responsive and users are very pleased!

Pretty cool!


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Pure Krome
02/27/2012 01:18 PM by
Pure Krome

Hi-5 Phil and Ayende! :) :) Can't wait to see the vids!

Steven Bey
02/27/2012 02:43 PM by
Steven Bey

Wow! That site is super fast. Looking forward to the videos!

02/27/2012 03:06 PM by

Hope their trips do not include an adventure with Mike Tyson ;) Cool story. The best is that it is not a benchmark. It's a living app.

Still waiting for your memory optimization posts :>

02/27/2012 03:57 PM by

well, mssql express is of course very limited. If you need perf with an mssql edition your gonna need the enterprise edition. Which of course cost big money.

Looking forward for the video's.

02/27/2012 04:04 PM by

ps. I love the website, goood content :)

02/27/2012 04:49 PM by

MS SQL, MS Exchange and some other Microsoft server platforms are known to take up a large part of available RAM. It does not necessarily mean the server needs more RAM because it will be released if necessary.

But I certainly prefer RavenDB's approach of not being greedy.

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