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I am turning 0x1E tomorrow

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In hex, I am still a teenager Smile.

To celebrate that, starting from the 20 Dec all the way to the new year, I decided to offer a 30% discount on all the profilers. All you need to do is to use the following coupon code:


The offer is valid for:



Concrats. I'm still 23 ;-)

Gian Maria

Wow, happy Birthday Ayende, and I'm glad to hear that you are still an Hex Teenager :P



Actually, you are a sixteenager.


I think he is 30.


Thought you were a lot older. Now I think you are even more crazy clever.

Thomas Levesque

Happy birthday!

Also, I wanted to mention that there seems to be a bug on your blog: the link to the latest post always gives a 404 error. The link to this post wasn't working yesterday, and now it's the link to today's post that is broken...

Ryan Heath


// Ryan

João Bragança

Woah! My first child is supposed to be born today. Discount hibernating rhinos licenses for life!

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