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Scaling with RavenDB video

Something that we have started to recently do is just to record some of our customer interactions*, and then post that to our You Tube account.

The following is a discussion with Nick VanMatre, Solutions Architect at Archstone, about how to scale their RavenDB usage. I think you’ll find it interested.

* Nit picker corner: Obviously, with their permission.



Pretty neat Oren, thanks. That was definitely needed!

Alexei K

I'm curious what your suggestion would've been, if they weren't building for the simple case of a single owner site, but something like Raccoon blog hosting service, instead (many, unrelated owners). In that case you wouldn't want people to query other sites or accessing their user info (not necessarily, anyway). Maybe a blog is not a high enough volume, stackexchange-style network comes as another similar situation.

Multiple DB in one instance? Multiple instances? Combination?

Ayende Rahien

Alexei, RavenDB was intentionally design to make this scenario easier. You can host multiple databases on a single instance very easily.

Dmitry Ornatsky

Regarding the slide at 17:59. Why use a Service Bus when all services are sharing the underlying DB and are not completely independent? My understanding, is that you may only need that if services are doing some CPU-intensive things or talk to third-party systems (but this is most likely handled by ETL).

Ayende Rahien

Dmitry, Who said that they are always speaking to the same RavenDB database? The slide actually shows multiple RavenDB instances there

Dmitry Ornatsky

Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

Eric Ghent

Thanks for the timely video.

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